November 8th 2016: the day America flunked a big IQ test.

Like most Americanz, Like most people on Earth, I wuz very suprized that a con man wuz able to fool enuff uv us to pull it off. And, from many insider accounts, Trump and hiz team were also quite suprized.  All he really wanted wuz to start a media empire. Running for prez wuz just a great way to bild an audiens.  Got approximately 6 billion dollarz worth uv free publisity!

Back in August 2015 I suspected he coud win and rote az much in a Daily Kos blog. My main concern was that Trump iz a star – sumwun who creates enthuziazm – unlike nearly any other candidate for prez 2016. (The only exeption being Bernie Sanders)

But, by election day, the nonstop bombardment by the media agenst Trump had convinsed me that he had no chans. And hiz own behaivor had only re-enforsed this opinion.

Let me back up here a bit.

You are wundering wuzzup with my spelling, maybe even thinking uv clicking off kuz its irritating you. Pleez bare with me a little longer and I will explain how it iz an integral part uv the How Stupid Are We blog.

I hav never had a very hi opinion uv human intellijens. In 1st grade, I realized the spelling system we were being ‘taught’ wuz garbaj, so rote more foneticly for my own notes, even tho I lerned the standard spelling. I spent my grammar skool yirz wundering why they were wasting my time with junk I didnt care about, eventually concluding it wuz bekuz most peepl go by authority rather than actually thinking thingz thru with a cauze & effect, fact-based lojik.

By hi skool, I realized that the entire educational system wuz set up to enfors this ! The system indoctrinates everybody with the belief that diplomaz and degreez  = intellijens. You dont hav a brain until the Authorityz say so !  

Still, even tho I knew the educational system wuz cultivating  conformists insted uv thinkerz, I assumed the best and britest woud still rize in the real world, at least on averaj.

But az the yirz and decadez passed, I became less optimistic az the evidens stacked up agenst the notion that smart peepl are the main playerz in this sivilization; that the teknolojy and institutionz  uv the human rase are fundamentally sound, even tho there are countless examplz up folly, foolishness and criminality.

No, JO, its not the case. The rase you are part uv iz closer to chimps than Vulcanz! 

Az Mr. Spock often critisized, humanz are guverned by emotionz insted uv lojik. They believ wut they want, usually forming an opinion based on nearly nothing and then rejecting all facts and lojik that dont match that opinion.

This iz why relijunz flourish in spite uv insane premisez and onerous ritualz. Its why tradition usually defeats the new idea no matter how much better it iz. Its why bad governments last for senturyz. Its why English spelling iz a rediculous mess.

Due to the flawz and limitationz uv the human mind, the collectiv intellijens quotient uv the human rase  iz dizmally low.

It iz reflected in every aspect uv our sivilization – the products we create, the governments, the institutionz, the infrastructure. The envirement we hav created for ourselvez iz a rats nest uv nonsens, bad ideaz, rulez made to serv greedy insiderz and supress outsiderz, etc.  Smart peepl hav no better chans than idiots. Good ideaz sink to the bottom. 

So! The question iz: How Stupid Are We?

And also, can we do anything to be less stupid in the future?

The 1st question got a definitiv ansr on November 8th – dum enuf to get tricked into giving the most powerful job in the world to a carnival barker. GUHUK!!! 

I believ the ansr to the 2nd Q iz yes, but it will take a long time and require sum chanjez that will be uncomfortable for most adults.

That bringz me to the spelling.

Childrenz mindz are very malleable. In their formativ yirz, cramming a bunch uv contradictionz and blatant stupidity into their hedz , commanding them that it iz THE correct way to rite the languaj they alredy speak, teachez them an underlying messaj that authority and tradition are the only thingz that count. Forget lojik. To hell with efficiency. Just look to the credentialz uv the sours, not wether it makes any sens.

I am getting peepl used to ‘bad’ spelling az part uv a stratejy to degrade the enforsment uv traditional spelling and thus allow parents to hav an open mind about how their kidz learn to read & rite. Starting them off with NQaLF inocculates them from the worst effects of regular spelling, az well az giving them a quicker way to lern it.

Peepl who grow up with the expectation that thingz shoud make sens are far less suseptable to peddlerz uv nonsens. They will hav the mental fortitude to see thru obfuscating complexity, wether its real or created spesificly to fool them.  And hopefully, they will hav the ability to chanje their opinionz wen prezented with facts and lojik.

I began this blog almost accidentally. I intended to start a forum, but my hosting servis for the Nooalf Revolution site seemz to be rezisting the addition uv Xenforo, so I took the advise uv a web developer and came to WordPress. If  the comment function works well enuf here, I dont really need to start and run a real forum.

Pleez comment! Lets get a discussion going here!