If youre like me, you grew up on violent moviez and TV showz. Animalz hav an appetite for action and the produserz cater to it, perhaps nurturing it.

My fave haz alwayz been car action. I lerned to drive watching Speed Racer, The Driver and a bunch uv other TV showz and moviez. The Chicago Tribune had a regular stream uv reports with fotoz about major accidents.

Now thanks to Youtube and the proliferation uv cameraz we can watch crashez all day long.

The best sours iz CarCrashesTime. They do a fantastic job uv selecting, editing and arranjing the dashcam mayhem in weekly ~10 minit collectionz. Each episode packs in enuf metal rending action for a dozen moviez.

Theze videoz are good examplz uv individual stupidity. Peeps who shoud not be driving at all, either thru incompetents or alkahol, making horribly, sumtimez halariously bad desisionz that at least interupt their day, if not ending their livez.

95%+ uv the vidz are from Russia. I’m not sure if Russian driverz are particularly bad or if its just that they hav way more dashcamz than any other country. Probably both!