In 1987 Ronald Reagan and the republican party manajd to repeal a law that required broadcast media outlets to prezent contrasting viewz on controversial issuez.

Fairness Doctrine – Wikipedia 

Here in 2016, you mite be wondering wuts the big deal; why woud The Prezident and a bunch uv reprezentativz be conserned about a little rule in the FCC? Iznt the Federal Communicationz Commision  just thoze old fuddy duddyz who make a big fuss wen a female nipple pops out? And wut duz this haf to do with How stoopid we are 30 yirz later?

Thomas Jefferson sed: “The information uv the people at large can alone make them safe az they are the sole depozitory of our political and religious freedom.” 

The Party for the Rich knew that its harder to fool peepl who are hearing both sidez uv an argument. If you can spin a story without being interrupted or contradicted, you can make peepl believ just about anything.  Get this 1 little obstacle out of the way and they will be able to herd voters in any direction that suits  them.

The 1st Amendment wuz the torch they held hi to cast a lite uv free speech over the issue. Radio and TV station ownerz shoud be free to manaj their property az they want. Get the dam gummit out uv their biz!  

I herd nothing about this at the time. I didnt pay much attention to politics back then, but its mostly kuz the media itself didnt bring this to our attention. Why woud they? This iz good for them!

The airwavez were immediatly flooded with rite wing talk radio showz and international political meddler Rupert Murdoch  began bilding hiz greatest propaganda machine.

Still, you coud argue that the left wing coud do the same. Set up a progressiv Democratic propaganda machine to balans the scalez.

Didnt happen.

Certainly there are left leaning stationz. And, from the perspectiv uv the so-called ‘conservativez’, the main stream media will naturally seem to favor  so-called ‘progressiv’ viewz, but there wuz never a conserted effort. And, apparently, therez not az much money in it.

Humanz are naturally biased agenst chanje, especially wen thingz seem to be working in their favor. Peepl with money like the status quo. Peepl who are loozing money want to go back to wen they were gaining.

The fundamental flaw in this iz that peepl can glue their radio dial to the station thats telling them wut they want to hear. They dont need to suffer thru an oppozing opinion ever agen!  So now its soooo eazy to steer them into any pozition you want.

Poor peepl dont own radio stationz. Working class voterz dont own media networks.

Rich peepl do. Corporationz do.

Rich peepl and corporationz like to keep their money. Naturally, they will uze their radio and TV stationz to keep az much uv their money az they can, az well az make more. They will steer public opinion agenst lawz and politicianz that want to tax them and restrict their ability to make money.

The motivation to gain audiens share cauzed an escalation in crazy. The more extreem a talk show host and hiz gests were, the more lissenerz tuned in. By the mid 90z America wuz being yelled at by firebrandz and wackoz whoz basic talent wuz a good voise and ability to keep up the chatter. You like a good conspirasy theory? Tune into Glenn Beck! Want to keep an eye on wut thoze louzy liberalz are trying to get away with? Rush Limbaugh will tell you! Need sumwun to express your feelingz about the Goddam Democrats trying to take your gunz away? Alex Jonez iz preaching to the kwire! You havent herd the haf uv it yet, folks. Keep it locked in here, kuz they’ll never tell you this on NBC, CBS or ABC!

And here we are, about to begin repeating the Bill Clinton/George Bush Jr. tranzition. In case youv forgotten (and you can be forgiven, kuz burying the Bush administration fiasco wuz a big part uv their project) the Federal goverment went from a bujet surplus to massiv defesits within a yir. Exept this time it wont be a merely incompetent Prez, it will be an outrite crook. There wont be much rezistans from the GoP majority Congress or Senate.

And with the loudest stoopidest 35% uv the country clamoring for Trump to fullfill hiz crazyest campane promisez, we can expect this to be not just a repeat, but a turbocharjed steroid enhanst 4K HD 3D reboot uv the worst decade in modern timez.

My advise: Stock up on canned food. By a solar power system. Hide your valuablz.