Trump iz going to prizon.

I hope.

The word ‘treazon’ iz becoming less & less avoidable az the evidens stacks up in support uv him & hiz posse coluding with Russian operativez to win the election. Rachel Maddow haz been delivering the deep doodoo, connecting the dots, laying out the lojik for months and it just keeps getting worse.

The thing iz that it haz alredy passed the point where its credible that the FBI, CIA etc. did not know wut wuz going on all along. And I mean way back to the aughts at least, maybe even in the 90z, Trump haz been connected in  sum way with Russian ‘bizness men’ (mobsterz).  Wen did it start being Russian spyz?  Why did US Intel not intervene or even say anything befor Trump won the Republican primary, let alone become Prez?

Why didnt we see him and the dozen + top guyz on hiz campane team who hav been implicated doing the perp walk out uv Trump Tower back in August 2016?

Why are we reading about Trump draining the State Department uv its most senior staff, leaving Frend uv Russia award winner Rex Tillerson alone to do wutever he wants (or iz ordered by Putin) without interferens ? Are they just giving him plenty uv rope to hang himself, bilding evidens for their case?

How much actual damaj will they let him do befor they slap on the cuffs?


They are in on it.

The evidens for that iz also stacking up – gaining explanitory power.

James Comey jumping in at key moments to hurt Hillary.


Trump fearlessly & consistently complimenting Putin, even now when the heat iz on.


Trump proclaiming “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters” back in January 2016, az if he knew the fix wuz in.

=  much bigger and way stinkyer than a simple kompromat operation on Trump.

I’m not a conspirasy theorist, but I’m not a fan uv ‘just a crazy coinsidens‘ either. Wen thingz can add up to sumthing, they often do.

The longer Trump iz allowed to remain Prez, the more likely it iz that we are being hoodwinked by our own government… agen.

Keep watching Rachel. Catch up on all her TrumPutin storyz if you havent seen them.

This coud be really BIG and really stinky.   And not likely to be good for  We The People.

March 23 2017 update: Secretary uv State Rex Tillerson planz to skip NATO meeting and go to Moscow insted!

Iz he acting on hiz own, making hiz escape befor the ax fallz? Or iz he meeting with Putin in person to giv info and get instructionz in order to avoid any possibility uv survailens?

It will be more evidens for either incompetens or colusion on the part uv our intelijens ajensyz if Rex gets on that plane.

How many more movez until Putin sez ‘checkmate’?

The respons by Paul Ryan will be “NOW we can repeal Obamacare for sure!” Mitch McConnell will cry foul “Thats not fair! I thot we were playing checkerz!”

May 9 2017 update:

Trump finally fired Comey.

The Statement from the White House haz sum blither blather about Comey’z mistake in revealing that they were re-openning the Hillary email investigation dayz befor the election. If you think thats the real reazon, this blog iz about YOU!

It meanz that Putin haz found a replasement for Comey.  Sumwun who will suppress the TrumPutin investigation, if not stop it entirely.

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