Just a stooopid joke. I dont think up many, so coudnt make it az a stand-up. So, wut to do with the few I think up?

Usually I’ll make a komik for The NQaLF revolution site. Here’z wun that duznt lend itself to my Fotoshop style:

Prostate: Well, everybody, Asshole just died. We’re on our way to the hospital now.

Liver: Poor guy. Worked hard, did a good job, never got anything but jeerz and insults.

R. Kidney: Wuts going to happen?

L. Kidney: They’ll haf to hire a new guy, uv course.

Spleen: Wut about re-asinement? The feet got sum experiens with stink & therez 2, so…

R. Foot: NO! WAY!

L. Foot: Ye, shut up, Spleen! Wut about you? Wut do you do anyway?

Heart: Stop bickering. You practically gotta be born into all our jobz, so nobodyz getting transfered.

Brain: (tokking to himself az usual, cant hear anybody) Maybe I’ll take a job az a machinist, work a few months then screw up sumthing really expensive. Finally see if that ‘Foreman’z going to ream you a new asshole’ lejend haz any truth to it.

Heart: No help there, az usual. We’re all screwed.

Intestinez: Therez no 2 wayz about it. Theyre going to hire a new guy. A specialist.

L. Lung: Man! Whod want to do that job???

R. Lung: Nobody! Especially not in an old man!!!

Everybodypart iz groaning, griping, mumbling, crying az the ambulans iz pulling into the emerginsy entrans.

Then R. Ear pipes up: HEY! Wut about this fellow we’ve been hearing about all year?!

L. Ear: YE! All we EVER hear about this guy iz how much, how big or how unbelievable an asshole he iz! He woud luv the job! Wuts hiz name agen?

Brain: Rolling down a hallway with my ass inside out – uv all the stoopid krap in the world – Why did godam Trump pop into my hed just now?