On Sunday, November 5th 2017,  Devin Kelley wokt into a Texas Church and killed 26 peepl, more than haf uv them children.

Obviously, to accomplish this, he uzed a gun.

Unless sumwun haz a mutant level uv skill, a mere sword, bow & arrow, battle ax, or nunchaka sticks woud not suffice. Nothing short uv fire armz coud enable a vizably out uv shape ordinary human to defeat 30+ other ordinary humanz, killing 26 uv them and severely injuring several more.

Yet Donald Trump sez “this iznt a gunz situation”.

Certainly, Devin wuz a very disturbed and deranjed individual, but disturbed & deranjed duz not impart super powerz, even tho Trump’s opinion that “mental helth iz your problem here” implyz otherwize.

So, Mr Prezident, if America beginz a massiv mental helth improvement program, we will eventually solve our mass shooting problem?

This iz not new nonsens from Trump, it iz the standard issue retoric created by the NRA to be uzed after all newzworthy shooting insidents. And uv course, he duznt miss the “this iz not the time to discuss gun control” tokking point during the press conferens.

This blather in itself iz moronic enuff wen it kumz from the likes uv Wayne LaPierre (NRA spokesman), Republican elected officialz, Fox, or sum other rite wingnut, but wen its from the Prezident uv the United States it iz refined to a greater level uv purity since he iz suppozed to be speaking for the Nation.

But even that woud normally fall short uv perfection – you coud expect any Republican Prez to say the same, if perhaps more tactfully. I woudnt be surprized to find a video uv George W. Bush making similar statements during hiz tenure az Prez after a similar event.

Wut makes Trumps rendition uv the standard tokking points perfect iz where he wuz wen he made them.

Tokyo, Japan – the land uv next to zero shooting fatalityz.

To hav our Prezident standing next to the Japaneze hed honcho repeating nonsens thats blatantly, completely and conclusively debunked by the rezults uv Japan’z gun polisyz iz so embarrassingly perfectly moronic that  it coud be uzed by the Byro uv Wates & Measurez az THE standard by wich to compare all past and future stoopid public statements!