Hypocrisy haz reached the total saturation level.

No, wait!

By that analojy, it eazed past that level sumtime during the Bush jr. administration and then akselerated early in the Obama yirz az the rite wingnuts went to war agenst a Prez who koud credibly check all the boxez on their Christian Prezident wish list.

The analojy iz to a container uv pure dry granules into wich you are pouring a liquid. The granules will abzorb the liquid without raizing the level in the container until they cant abzorb any more. Then the level starts to rize and overflow if you keep pouring. If you keep pouring fast enuf, you will eventually wash all the orijinal content out.

Well, here in 2018, granules uv Christian valuez are still swirling around, but the glass iz getting ‘clearer’ all the time.

The only thing rong with the analojy iz that the ‘granulez’ uv Kristianity can not be mistaken for any kind uv pure & consistent substans and the ‘liquid’ iz not water or anything clean & holsum. More like over uzed enjin oil!

Sex scandals amongst Church leaderz and politicianz who champion Christianity are not new, but they are getting aired out in public all the time lately. There seem to be a few new wunz every week sins the beginning uv the Republican Primary Clown Show in 2015.

There are no moral boundry linez that Trump duz not cross, yet the suppozedly social conservativ Kristian leaderz still go on the air to make excusez for him. They decried the Democrats and Hollywood liberalz who were expozed az sex offenderz, simultaneously supporting Roy Moore, the Alabama Republican sex offender candidate for the Senate.

Herez the article by Steve Benen that got my typing fingerz wiggling today: This Week in God. Be sure to klik the link about the Satanic Church suing the gummit over abortion rites. (pun not intended, but enjoy it anyway) The Kristian villian iz now the good guy!

Herez an idea: The Prez and hiz GoP alliez are constantly claiming all their crimez are fake newz. So wut if we make sum actual fake newz about Trump eating babyz for lunch at the Annual Republican Cannibalz uv America fundrazer picnic in Provost Utah? Lets see how the Televanjelists twist that into a virtue or blame it on the liberalz. (they apparently never bother to check anything, so therez a good chans they will jump in front uv a camara az fast az they can to put the latest fire out. There iz no such fundrazer picnic or even a Provost Utah az far az I know.)