As uv now, the end uv July 2018, only the Fox Newz propaganda guzzling Trump loyalist zombie sheepl are not fasing the fact that he iz Putin’z puppet.

Therez no other reazonable explanation for anything and everything he haz dun sins he first declared hiz candidasy.  Putin haz serious deadly toxic dirt on The Donald, and all the Republican stoojez defending him are either part uv the TrumPutin Conspirasy or  under unrelated Kompromat thret.

And lets fase it – Trump haz no shame at all:

  1. Cheated on hiz trofy wife only months after their son wuz born, with a porn star no less, and a playboy senterfold, and probably several otherz.
  2. Boasts about walking in on teenaje byooty pajent contestants in the dressing room and other situationz in wich he takes advantaj uv women hoo he haz power over. “You can do anything! grab em by the pussy!”
  3. Publicly denegrated war heroz and their familiez even tho he avoided military servis 5 timez with bogus bone spur medical deferment claimz.
  4. Defended neo-naziz in Charlottesville az ‘good peepl’.
  5. Constantly liez about thingz that are alredy proven false.

So wut coud be so much worse that he iz selling out America to keep it secret?

Rape? pedofelia? Murder? All 3?

I mean, unless Trump haz sum sort uv real life version uv the explosive implant uzed in so many sifi moviez, or Putin haz convinsed him that he will launch nukes unless hiz instructionz are followed,  the only thing left haz to be so socially unakseptable, so legally damming, that even this shameless con man perv iz dethly afraid uv it getting out.

“8 yir oldz, Dude.” Walter Sobczak.


Suppoze Trump iz not a spoiled 10 yir old+60 scatterbrain.

Suppoze Paul Ryan, Mich McConnell and the Congressmen and Senatorz openly aiding Trump are not low down dirty traitorz.

Can you think up a senario that encompassez that and the mountain uv obviously contradictory facts?

Call me crazy, but I can.


Its all a CIA plot to relieve Putin uv hiz nuclear arsenal.

Consider theze facts:

Trump sez “I coud stand in the middle uv 5thAvenue and shoot somebody, and I woudnt loze any voterz” during a campane rally in January 2016.

Wut if he knew the fix wuz in? 

Paul Ryan sez “No leaks, all right? This is how we know we’re a real family here.” about a comment that Trump (and Congressman Rohrbacher) were being paid by Putin during a  meeting before Trump wun the nomination.

Wut if Ryan, McConnell and sertain otherz are aware uv the plan, even activ partisipants? 

Trump haz absolutely never critisized Putin. He compliments him at every opportunity.  A sharp contrast to the unprovoked insults he regularly throwz  at our alliez.

Trump haz had at least 4 private meetingz with Putin sins bekuming Prezident. He sent Tillerson to meet Putin insted uv attending a regular annual diplomatic conferens. Therez no telling how often they hav spoken on the fone.

Wut if its all to butter up Putin? Lull him into a feeling uv safety. Make him perfectly confident that the idiot Trump iz hiz puppet.  

More resent facts:

After hiz embarrassing performans in Helsinky, Trump invited Putin to The Wite House.

To be arrested or perhaps hav an ‘aksident’? Maybe a plane crash on the way here. 

In a VFW rally last week Trump went 1984 with “wut youre seeing iz not wuts really happening”.

Wut if its true?

The world wuz on the ej uv nuclear dizaster for over 40 yirz, the 2 superpowerz pointing gunz at each otherz fasez till wun uv them collapsed.  The Soviet’s ‘gun’ wuz then picked up by an ambitious blood thirsty KGB thug.  He at least wants to rezurrect the Soviet Union, if not take over the entire world.

How big uv a plot do you need to match that situation? Putting the worldz greatest con man in the Wite Hows and giving him free rane duz not seem like overkill.

We hav been enduring a nonstop hurricane uv outraje and liez for 3 yirz. To get sum perspectiv,  take just 1 little skandle out uv it and plase it in the middle uv the Obama administration.  It will stand out like Pandora Peaks in a bikini on Joel Osteen’z sunday church show.  Our perseptionz hav been warped beyond recognition.

Too much weirdness. More than you woud believ only a hand full uv yirz ago.

Wut if its all distraction? Wuts really going on that needz such a grand scale uv mayhem to cover it up?

Relieving the world uv the possibilty uv annialation woud be well worth a few yirz uv outrajeous weirdness.

I’m not saying I believ this. I’m only saying its an alternativ theory that offerz sum explanitory power. It seemz to cover all the facts at least az well az the obvious theory duz. There coud be tunz uv facts I’m forgetting that kick the legz out from underneath it. New stuff coud pop up tomorrow that makes it nonsens.

But still, you haf to keep an open mind.

For now I beleiv that Trump iz going to prizon, hiz empire will be RICOed, the Republican party will get voted out, perhaps completely destroyed, Hillary will be very happy, maybe enerjized enuff to run agen in 2020.


P.S. To all you rabid Trump Chumps –

If the Alternativ Hypothosis turnz out to be true and Trump iz a hero, dont think that vindicates you! You didnt know about The Big Plot, so you were still idiots for voting for a scumbag traitor con man.