A short wun here.

Everybody start yelling at Google, WordPress, Youtube* and any other web joints that are uzing round avatar & profile picturez to tell them that it duznt work.

In case you didnt notis, cutting the cornerz completely off makes it much harder to identify a pik, ESPECIALLY wen youre looking at a tiny thumnail!

If you dont believ me, try going thru your download list in Chrome and then go thru a list uv pix in MS Windowz set at about the same size.


The thing that set me off now iz the profile pik I just put up here.

If sumwun haz a thing for earz, its great! Everybody else iz wundering wuts rong with my chin that I wanted to cut it off.

Mathematicly speaking, a srkl haz 21.5% less area than a square uv the same width. Practicly speaking, much uv the visual info uv an imaj iz its outline, so removing the cornerz iz worse than subtracting a portion uv the sentr.  Take a car for example – youd be left with only the doorz and roof if you roundified a typicly rectangular profile view, making it difficult or impossible to identify the make & model.

So –

HELLO! WordPress! HELLO! Google! WAKEY WAKEY! Do sum freekin R&D testing! 

*yes, I no Youtube iz owned by Google. I just figured they must hav their own peeps working there and being a prezumably smaller organization, may be more likely to pay attention wen a few million customerz start complaining.