Political Correctness iz jenerally associated with the left. Wether you consider it an organized movement with sum level uv official support, or just an attitude about proper conduct dependz on how deeply you are rapped up in either rite or left wing politics.

If you dont pay much attention to either, you probably woud hav a hard time explaining why it’s not the same thing az good mannerz.

Dont uze ethnic slang termz, dont ascribe stereotypical karacteristics to peepl, dont throw insults just kuz you disagree.  In short, be polite, respectful and tolerant.

That’s how I perseevd it for a long time, but gradually realized it had metastesized into something more complicated and less benine. Read this Wiki paje if you want the detailz.  

Now,  sum 30 yirz after rite leaning authorz began riting cautionary books about it, you can find endless Youtubez about run amok PC at collejez. There are actual polisiez in organizationz big and small banning sertain wordz and prescribing rediculous replasements.  Naturally, to maintain salez numberz,  new books became progressivly more alarmist, propozing all sorts uv conspirasy theoryz.

There iz enuf hysteria on both sidez to support the accuzationz uv excess.

Wut haz been masked by all the hubbub iz the fact that stupidity quietly jumped on the back uv the PC bandwagon, taking a free ride at everybody else’z expens.

It wuz so gradual and insidious, that its impossible to say wen it began to be nonPC to call out stoopid statements or clearly say  sumwun iz stoopid.  Yes, there iz and alwayz haz been a waiver for comedianz,  but its actually just the same waiver they are granted for swearing and pushing the envelope uv social akseptability.  Ordinary peepl including politicianz and newzreaderz  hav not been able to say ‘that’s stoopid’ without risking a reprimand by their PC associates. At best you coud only state the facts that show the contrast to reality or list the many incorrect statements sumwun haz made.

And yes, it haz alwayz been impolite, but I hav the impression that there were limits on how stoopid your statements coud be befor youd be laffed at and suffer a loss uv credibility.

The basic prinsiple that one’z reputation depended on your wordz being true & accurate went away. 

The Republican party capitalized on this. I’d be suprized if it wuz intentional, but its possible that they recognized the spesific opportunity to get away with ever more outrajous idiosy, knowing that the PC leftyz woud not call them out for it.

I mark the intentionally belijerent stoopidity uv Sarah Palin’z “how’z that hopey chanjey  thing workin out for yu?” az the beginning uv my realization that the GoP wuz conducting a campain to attract peepl, to put it in PC termz,  hoo havent bothered to consider the finer points uv the consept uv sivilized society.

To put it in nonPC termz, idiots, assclownz, bogarts, actual low IQ moronz.

I hav a few namez for them: Gullibullz. Bleevrz. Peepl who hav bad lojik and want to beleev sumthing, so dont need to think.

To them the GoP/Fox propaganda network coud tell any lie. Any story, no matter how clearly refuted by the facts, coud be dumped into their hedz without fear uv the consequensez that shoud be suffered for looking stoopid. They will check nothing!

And thanks to the pervasiv PC culture, theze gullibullz can boldly spout the last nite’s tokking points supplied by Hannity without fear uv ridicule by their frendz or coworkerz.

Perhaps, if the main stream media desided early on to immediatly and LOUDLY call out each and every lie and condem the tellerz till they stopt repeating them, they may hav been able to nip this stinkweed in the bud.

But they did not.

Aside from Kieth Olbermann and maybe a few lesser known commentatorz, it took the media most uv the last decade befor they coud utter the word ‘lie’ about anything or ‘liar’ about anybody. Totally verboten by PC rulez!

It took Donald Trump’s non stop planet Jupiter scale hurricane uv liez to finally blow down that barrier!

Too late. The damaj haz been and continuez to be dun.

R politicianz feel no shame telling their stoooopid fablez on national TV. Not just on Fox, but on Meet The Press, This Week and any other real newz show that will hav them on.

The GoPs see it az an opportunity to reach Demz and independents, hoping they are so uninformed that they will at least develop sum dowt about the real storyz. Maybe sum % will also be gullibl enuf to swich sidez, they hope. Sertainly no downside to trying!

It painz me to watch Chuck Todd or George Stephanopolis having to sit there az wun uv Trump’s cabinet stoojez or R congressmen shamelessly defend hiz latest atrosity with utter nonsense, absolutely NEVER ansering a simple direct question.  They are stuck with the duty uv trying to be unbiased.  They bravely adhere to the prinsipl uv journalistic integrity requiring the prezentation uv both sidez, even az the ‘other’ side slaps them in the fase with insult-to-intellijens idiotic liez.

If Chuck reached across the table and slapped Steve Mnuchin’z clownish fase wile he wuz blathering, he woud be a national hero!

If George kikt Jim Jordan under the table to stop hiz moronic schpiel, he woud dezerv a Pulitzer prize!

They’d both be fired immediately, but seriously, they woud feel GREAT!  They woud be GREAT!  And they are alredy rich, so coud afford to be jobless for the rest uv their livez, even IF for sum stranje reazon they coudnt capitalize on their new hero status.

We can daydream, cant we? Its still permissable to wish, iznt it? I suppoze I’ll hav to call the local PC International Council offis to check.

More realisticly, I think that after such an embarrassing performans, the hed uv the newz department shoud bring the offending GoP into the offis and tell him that he will not be invited back for a yir, then on hiz next appearens, if he offendz agen, he will be permanently banned.

Plain and simple, they are insulting the public’s intellijens wen they expect us to beleev them.  They are abuzing the networks and their sponsorz by pushing propaganda insted uv providing information that they may hav due to their lofty taxpayer supported pozitionz.  Shameful betrayal uv the nation’z trust.

And their supporterz, all the gullibullz and bleevrz, shoud feel shame for helping empower them.

And the Democratic party leaderz and the real newz organizationz shoud realize how poorly they hav handled the situation. Lame. Inattentiv. Shortsited. Neglijent.

JO 753

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