It’s Monday, February 8th 2021. Tomarow, Trump’s impeachment trial beginz in the Senate. Sins it takes a 2/3 majority to convict, it will take at least 17 Republicanz and all 50 Democrats.

It duznt seem likely at this point.

The R congressmen and senatorz are still defending Trump after he attempted a self coup . And within owrz uv the insurrectionists being politely escorted out of the bilding, 147 Republicanz voted to overturn Biden’z victory, putting their namez on record az endorsing the end uv Democrasy in America.

Sins then the party haz voted agenst holding a trial at all, defended a newly seated freshman Congresswoman hoo haz supported the insurrectionists (az well az espousing all sorts uv demented conspirasy theoryz) wile taking an emerjensy vote to deside wether to sensure their own 3rd ranking senior member for the crime uv voting to impeach Trump.


Wut, you may want to ask them after this, coud Trump possibly do to dezerv impeachment?

Shoot sumwun on 5th Avenue*, like he boasted in 2016 and still get the R votes?

Well, 8 peepl are ded kuz uv the insurrection. A cop and 5 rioterz killed, then 2 cops later commited suiside. So, check the OK box for that.

Commit acts that woud clearly fall outside uv the ‘Christian Values’ the party claimz az their own?

That wun iz ded on arrival. Comicly ded! Repeatedly, serially ded and buried! If youv been living in a cave on Pluto, maybe you missed all uv the sex offensez that hav come to lite over the last 6 yirz, any wun uv wich, if commited by a Dem Prez, woud hav Republican larynxez landing on the House chamber carpet from them screaming for impeachment.

Nepotizm: OK.

Tax evasion: No problem.

Emoluments clauze violationz: Cool by us, man!

Torrential nonstop lying, burying all previous Prezidents combined a mile deep: HURRAY! BRAVO! MAGNIFISENT!

And last but not least, Treazon haz alredy been approved by the party, the entire rite wing media and the voterz. They are all partisipating in hiz collusion with Putin. (more accurately caracterized az ‘subservient blackmailed puppetry’)

Therez nothing left.

(at least nothing reazonable. I can imajin all sorts uv sordid actionz and statements that woud sertainly get him booted out, but even with thoze there woud still be sum appolijist wakkoz concocting cockamamy conspirasy theoryz trying to blame Obama or Hillary)

Over the next few weeks the Senate Republicanz are going to be desiding wether they want to keep Trump az their leader.

They long ago desided they are not Americanz. Their loyalty iz to The Party in spite uv the oath they took to uphold The Constitution. Now they hav 2 choisez:

1. Cut their lossez. Give up on the Trump cult voting block and work to rebild the party’z imaj, hopefully recovering enuf by 2024 to hold sum seats agenst 3rd partyz and independents.


2. Admit he ownz the Republican Party. Sine the title over to him. Forever. To be passed on to Don Jr. after he kiks the buket.

Most uv them are too stupid to realize it, but thats wut this impeachment hearing iz about.

*My advise iz to stay off uv 5th avenue if you hear anything about Trump or any uv hiz crooked assclown family possibly being there. ANY 5th Avenue!


Been a wile sins I posted here. Wut got me riled up enuf to take the time?

This CNN video on Youtube: Wyoming Republican: Liz Chaney’s vote was a middle finger to residents

At 2:45 a Wyoming state party member arguez that she needz to be punished for bringing the filthy Democrat ‘cansel culture’ into the prestine hallz uv the Grand Old Party. Mind boggling! My mind wuz boggled! I had to check 3 timez that I wuz understanding him! Yes, they voted to sensure her.


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