Herez a project for you to do next week:

Go to the ubuv jentlemen’z Youtube channelz, klik on ‘videoz’ to see their entire catalog and try to find anything critical uv Trump.

I admit to not spending a hole week trying, but it wuz apparent pretty kwikly that it wuznt going to be eazy. The klikbate titlez are all geared to a rite wing audiens – Cruz Destroys AOC, Biden Senile, Demz Want To Take Our Gunz, Coronavirus a Dem Hoax and so forth. So if they do hav any serious complaints agenst Trump, you are not going to find it without actually wocing videoz.

I’v woct a few dozen over the yirz, mostly linked from frenz hoo fell into the Fox alternate reality vortex, ending up in the vast Fox Eko Chamber. I woct parts uv a few frum each uv them in preparation for riting this article. I will look agen occasionally and maybe wun uv my rite wing frenz will actually take the challenj and find sumthing.

But I dont think therez anything to find that can be called ‘serious’. All I hav found are statements amounting to ‘he’z crude and lacks any filter, but…’ and then lavish compliments to hiz intellijens, political skill, polisyz or wutevr.

They all claim to be impartial, so how iz it that they cant seem to find anything bad to say about a dimwitted ignoramous megalomaniac patholojikl liar? Odd.

Odd how last yir wen Trump wuz lying about the pandemic, they were also! Odd how even now, months after it wuz revealed that he wuz intentionally lying to try to downplay the danjer uv C19, thus aiding it’s spred, they are STILL lying about it, trying to sweep 610,000 American deths under the rug.

Odd how theze suppozedly independent impartial Youtuberz seem to be delivering the same messajez that are current on Fox and all the other rite wing media networks. The same that are being blathered about by GoP politicianz across the nation.

Look thru January 2021 for example.

Trump launchez an assault agenst Democrasy itself, gets impeached for the 2nd time wile the pandemic exeedz 300,000 new daily casez, and wut do theze gize urjently need to tok about? Mr. Potatohed. Critical rase theory. Dr. Sues. Senile Biden will destroy America. BLM riots. Dem Russia Hoax. Commiez taking over collejez. AOC. Hillary. Obama.

Wen they do tok about the attempted coup or the pandemic, its to downplay them wun way or another. No, it wuznt violent far rite extreemist domestic terrorist groups! It wuz Antifa infiltratorz! It wuz really just a party that got a little rowdy. Pandemic schmandemic! Its a cold and ‘they’ are crediting all deths to corona! Just like Hannity and Tucker told you last nite, its all a plot to take down Trump, hoo really wun the election.

Look for yourself. And its not just theze 5, there are bunchez uv rite wingerz on Youtube and all the other social media platformz. An army uv them. See if you can find anything at all that duznt match up with the false reality being pushed in the vast Fox Eko Chamber.


But wut are they up to? Wuts the big plan?

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