A leader haz to hav the ability to forsee and avoid risks.

Seemz obvious. I think most company’z leaderz are reazonably OK at it short term but not so much long term.

Plenty uv evidens to prove this. Take the diezel emmisionz cheating scandalz for example.

Volkswagen’z top brass thot it wuz a good idea to rig their carz to emit 40x less polution wen they were being tested, then back to farting out NOx during normal driving. They eventually got cot and it cost them over 30 billion dollarz!

Makes me wunder wut they are teaching in bizness skool that produsez executivz with such poor disijun making abilityz.

A leader also haz to hav the ability to recognize opportunityz.

This iz wut most leaderz fail to do most uv the time. They can have 1,000 brainz az good az theirz working for them; brainz that are intimately familiar with each uv their particular jobz frum doing it all day 5 or 6 dayz a week for yirz and in most casez hav sum ideaz for improvements, but Captain Kirk up there in hiz big offis can’t be bothered with any uv that trivia. Hiz 1 brain iz too bizzy making up the rulez for thoze 1,000 brainz to follow.

New rule idea! All segjestionz must be ritten on rolling paper and plased in the segjestion box unfolded, rinkle free. (kuz thats wut he’z going to do with them – roll doobiez)

Even if he iz a lawyer or accountant by training and thinks purely in termz uv risk he shoud be able to understand the risk uv the company’z competitorz hiring hiz former employeez and uzing their ideaz to gain competativ advantajez. Or just thinking up the same ideaz themselvez.

Ignored opportunityz bekum future risks.

It comez down to a lack uv imajination. Peepl hoov gon thru 12 yirz uv grammar & hi skool are lucky to hav much imajination left . Its all about conformity and obediens. Follow the rulez. And thoze that hav continued on to collej (anybody youre ever going to find in any level uv manajment above lead man) get even more intens imajination eradication treatments!

Its eazy to speculate about why sum new idea coud fail. Any idiot can do that. In our society, if you decorate that idiot with a degree and a fansy job title, he can just say ‘no’ for hiz entire career and retire with praize for hiz ‘steady hand, piloting the company thru thik & thin.’ The lost opportunityz are often hard to see and eazily excuzed. It can be decadez, if ever, that sumwun thinks up the same revolutionary idea. Or it can be very soon and the company manajment iz skraching their hedz wondering how a 2 yir old company in China iz taking over the entire industry.


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