How Stupid Are We ?

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Alternate Hypothosis

As uv now, the end uv July 2018, only the Fox Newz propaganda guzzling Trump loyalist zombie sheepl are not fasing the fact that he iz Putin'z puppet. Therez no other reazonable explanation for anything and everything he haz dun... Continue Reading →

American Christianity Self Destructing

Hypocrisy haz reached the total saturation level. No, wait! It iz way past that. It eazed past that level sumtime during the Bush jr. administration and then akselerated early in the Obama yirz az the rite wingnuts went to war... Continue Reading →

Perfectly Moronic. Perfect!

On Sunday, November 5th 2017,  Devin Kelley wokt into a Texas Church and killed 26 peepl, more than haf uv them children. Obviously, to accomplish this, he uzed a gun. Unless sumwun haz a mutant level uv skill, a mere... Continue Reading →

RIP Ass Hole

Just a stooopid joke. I dont think up many, so coudnt make it az a stand-up. So, wut to do with the few I think up? Usually I'll make a komik for The NQaLF revolution site. Here'z wun that duznt... Continue Reading →

It’s Big & it Stinks

Trump iz going to prizon. I hope. The word 'treazon' iz becoming less & less avoidable az the evidens stacks up in support uv him & hiz posse coluding with Russian operativez to win the election. Rachel Maddow haz been... Continue Reading →

Train Crashez

I'm sure I will be called an idiot by enjineerz for this, but I know I'm rite: Brakes for trainz that match the mass and speed requirements!  Any vehicle thats likely to encounter unforseen obstaclez shoud be able to stop... Continue Reading →

Pssst! Dood! The money’z broken, dont work so hard for IT…

...kuz IT aint working for you. You saw thoze guyz on the road crew goofing off and it made you angry. 'Stuck in this traffic jam every day bekuz uv them not getting the job dun az soon az they... Continue Reading →

Fairness Doctrine Repeal. OOPS!

In 1987 Ronald Reagan and the republican party manajd to repeal a law that required broadcast media outlets to prezent contrasting viewz on controversial issuez. Fairness Doctrine - Wikipedia  Here in 2016, you mite be wondering wuts the big deal;... Continue Reading →

Car Crashez

If youre like me, you grew up on violent moviez and TV showz. Animalz hav an appetite for action and the produserz cater to it, perhaps nurturing it. My fave haz alwayz been car action. I lerned to drive watching... Continue Reading →

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