My name iz JO 753. Yes, thats my real legal name. And its 753, not sevenfivethree, so if you are reading it in Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, etc, its what ever it soundz like in thoze languajez.

I am the prezident uv ZOL inc, a prototype R&D company. I make inventions for companyz and individual inventorz.

I am also the creator uv Nooalf, an English based international spelling system.

And sins early January 2017, I am a candidate for Prezident uv the United States uv America! Check out 753 If youre tired uv the same old politicianz and rich clownz messing with your life, vote for me.

I spend alot uv time posting in forumz. You can find me at the Skeptic’s Society Forum, Marilyn Vos Savant’s forum and The Firefly Fan Forum.

When I hav free time I work on my car, a 72 Chrysler New Yorker.

The How Stupid Are We blog.

Here you will find the stoopidest stuff I hav found and my opinionz on it. You can post your opinionz in the comments, even if you disagree, and I wont delete it. Just keep the swearing to a minimum and uv course, no spam or porn.

Mostly I expect to blog about institutionalized stupidity – the bad lojik and nonfact based idiosy that haz been carved into the stonez uv our sivilization. Yes, individual idiots are fun to laff at, but its the bad envirements the human rase haz created that foster idiots and punish intellijent peepl.