…kuz IT aint working for you.

You saw thoze guyz on the road crew goofing off and it made you angry. ‘Stuck in this traffic jam every day bekuz uv them not getting the job dun az soon az they coud!’

And the dentist charjing a fortune for grinding out a little hole and stuffing sum paste into it. ‘300$!!! My kid coud hav dun that! 10 minits & Less skill than it takes to make a clay dinosaur!’

Then therez that collej professor you red about who gets 1/4 million a yir, showz up for class maybe twise a week then goez on a sabatical for months.

Outrajus, all uv it. It seemz everybodyz in on a big con game and youre the chump.

Well, its true. There iz a big con and you are a chump.

Exept that most uv the peepl you see – the slackerz, overcharjerz, freeloaderz, etc, are not running the skam, they are just adapted to it.

And I’m not saying they are rite. Them ripping us off directly or indirectly iz victimizing the hardest hit victimz.

My point here iz that us working peepl hav a notion that there shoud be a fair trade uv dollarz for the productiv work we do. That the money haz a set value and wut we sell our time, enerjy and skill to do iz uv value to our employer.

Thats the way it shoud be.

It iz not.

The connection between work and money wuz never very strong and its been completely broken for decadez. The only thing that keeps the economy going iz that working chumps dont realize it and even if they did, therez nothing they can do about it.

Machining parts, fixing carz, helping old peepl, teaching kidz, stocking shelvez, flipping burgerz or any uv the thouzandz uv different jobz that keep our sivilization running are paid at a rate that iz mainly dictated by tradition rather than the amount uv benefit to sosiety.

The slackerz and goujerz are not good, but they are fleaz compared to the real problem.

You’v been hearing that 95% uv the welth being jenerated sinse the recovery began iz going to the top 1%.

So, wut if it wuz going to us insted?

Woud sivilization colaps if the billionairz were not getting any richer? Woud it be too sad if millionairez were stuck being millionairz insted uv bekuming billionairz?

I woud not cry.

It seemz obvious that the money iz there, so the ‘lojik’ that the companyz we work for coudnt compete if we got paid 2, 3, maybe even 4 timez az much duznt work. The same $$$ that are going to the CEO, hiz croniez in upper manajment, and the Wall Street crooks coud go to the guyz on the assembly line insted.

BUT HOLD ON! Grossly overpaid executivz & hej fund manajerz are only a part uv the skam!

The money itself iz broken! 


Fake Money

Watch the vid, then continue reading.

Befor you go all skeptical – HA! JO iz being duped by gold scammerz! –  no. I am aware that there iznt enuf gold & silver on or in the Earth to cover the welth jenerated over the last sentury. We cant all be wokking around with super presijun scalez and X-ray spectrometerz paying for our Big Macs with microscopic grainz uv gold. And if the dollar ever crashez, it woudnt even be a month befor youre trading a silver ingot for an apple and 10 peanuts. Seriously – try not going to the grosery store for 2 weeks. (and I dont mean go to Taco Bell insted!)

The greedy fat cats are not good, but are they also just individualz who hav adapted to the situation? Or do they dezerv sum or all uv the blame?

I say sum uv the blame! 

If I wuz the CEO uv Crysler  I woud insist on limiting my pay to 1,000,000$ and giving the rest to the guyz who actually make the carz. And max pay limits for all the executivz, giving sum uv the cash to the real workerz and the rest to improve the carz. HEY! How about stainless steel insted uv stoopid rusty plain steel?! You cant say its too expensiv if the sticker prise iz the same.

The rest uv the blame, the REAL problem, iz that jiant parasitic banking system riding on top uv the economy we liv in. It iz not connected to work at all. It haz no benefit to sivilization. In fact, it haz been retarding teknolojy and impoverishing most uv us all along.

America, the entire world, iz a jiant slum with a hand full uv virtual fortressez full uv peepl with more money than they can possibly spend. The banks are the gate keeperz uv thoze fortressez.

They get free fake money from The Fed, pass most uv it out to their palz (the overpaid executivz, Wall Street sharks, ‘Wale’ stockholdrz, etc – rich peepl in jeneral) and uze wuts left to steal the real earned money from us.  Keeping us poor so that we need to borrow iz how its dun.

Wut we need iz a reset uv the dollarz-per-owr system. Selling your time shoud not be a mistake that chumps make. 

Even tho automation iz taking over all sorts uv jobz, the peepl who still do real work shoud be getting a bigger chunk uv the pie than peeps who hav absolutely nothing to do with contributing to sosiety.

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Rich peepl do not create jobz.

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